Why Clean With Gleem?

The best cleaning job guaranteed

Fair pay

We love our cleaners, and we know that you make us who we are, so we pay our cleaners a fair wage.

Career progression

Everyone starts at £7.55 plus holiday pay, and this quickly grows to £8 after probation and beyond

Work at a company that cares

We are creating a company of people who enjoy their jobs.

Secure and fair employment

All Gleem staff are PAYE employees, we won’t force you to be self-employed. More trust and security for you!

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Keep you day simple by using our
Gleem App to track:
  • -Hours
  • -Clean Details
  • -Mileage
  • -Directions
  • -And More

Why We Are Different

Gleem want to look after and empower our cleaning operatives, something a significant proportion of the cleaning industry fails to do.
We respect our staff and reward them for their hard work.

Some of the ways we celebrate our cleaners’ successes include:
  • Gleem cleaner of the month – with a cash prize
  • Messages of appreciation from our Founder & CEO Joe
  • Ad-hoc awards for Exceeding expectations
  • Our ongoing aim to #SmashTheStigma: a long-term aim to champion the most important people in our business, our cleaners: introducing progression, development and job enjoyment in an industry that too often neglects them.
  • We do everything in our power to ensure Gleem is a great place to work, so we employ the greatest individuals in the industry.
  • Our supportive head office, our community of workers who are seeking to build a better business, our pride in offering an excellent service, using cutting–edge technology, and green credentials means you won’t find a better cleaning company to work for.

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